Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 4

Ugh. Cold rain does not make for a good day.

We were going to brave the bus to the library again today, but right as we were leaving I double-checked the hours, and the don't open until 1pm on Thursdays. Going to have to print out the hours for the "command center" I'm planning for our "home office".

Up with a very happy kiddo! I think he's not as afraid of the day anymore.
Breakfast and TV.
Almost left for the library, the realized it was closed. Considered going to the store or into town anyway, but then saw it was 35 degrees and raining. I don't think so.
Movie time! (And some knitting for mummy)
Play time: trains, colors, magnets, and yarn.


Quick outside with Gipper (man it was cold out!)
Nap disaster ... Last night he went down fine with no one sitting in his room, so I thought I was free to leave him and he'd konk out eventually. Nope. Absolute panic. 45 minutes of screaming later, I held him until he fell asleep. 
By the time he got up it was almost dark! Quick photoshoot for our holiday card and took the recycling out.

2013Holiday_card_no address
Watched Frosty and had a snack - popcorn and oranges!
Daddy home!
Playing, dinner, bubbles, and bedtime
Movie night for mom and dad!

I sometimes wonder what is worse ... Sitting in his room until he falls asleep and potentially getting him hooked on that, or forcing him to sleep alone when he's clearly needing someone there? How do I tell the difference between a real need for comfort and support, and him manipulating me because he doesn't want to go to bed?

On deck for Friday! Visit daddy at work!

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