Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 3

Up, with no tears!
However, the heat broke and it was 55 in here, which made mummy a little grumpy.

TV Time
No library trip, because we had to wait for the maintenance guy to come fix the heat. Luckily the heat came on so we didn't freeze to death. Down-side, the guy didn't believe me that it was broken, suggesting that I simply didn't understand how the thermostat worked. However he noticed that it wasn't firing correctly, and may have fixed it. We'll see tomorrow.
Free play with trains and books (trying out a "let him play while I'm in the room and maybe he won't need me and I can read a book on my phone" strategy).
Outside time with "physics class", aka Lawn Bowling.
Nap - actually slept!!! Woo hoo!!!
UPS man delivered out bathroom shelf, so I put it together with the help of my construction helper! I wish I had gotten a photo of him in his hard hat with his little hammer, but I didn't want to ruin the good mood by going downstairs to get my phone. 
Played with a box for a solid hour while I unpacked the bathroom.
On a personal note, I now realize that putting my toothbrush in a designated spot really makes me feel like I live somewhere. Putting it back in my bathroom travel bag every night really kept me in the "I'm just on vacation" mindset.
Daddy home!
Ro shows daddy our bowling game while I take a break (aka drink some wine)
Dinner, playing, and bedtime.
Long walk with the dog.
More unpacking, since I found the pegs for the bookshelf.
Bed, again asleep immediately.

Not as many steps today, since we really didn't go anywhere. Man does a nap make a big difference! On deck for tomorrow ... maybe try bus and library again?

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