Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 2

I may not need to count the days anymore. Like when you say "my baby is 17 weeks old" or "he's 37 months old" and other people are like, "huh?" It may not be necessary anymore.

Monday - this weather is killing me. Just snow already. Quit this 36 degree raining. That's not fun for anyone.
We did laundry and brought cookies to our neighbors and the main office. Fixed the weather stripping on the back door (so there wouldn't be an icey wind in the kitchen). Good nap. More painting Christmas presents and decorated our tree. Overall a good day, though I'm afraid I'm getting sick. There are no sick days with this job.




Tuesday - Library date with Dan and Eleanor in Westfield. Ro was so excited about it, but when we got there the old Story Time fear showed up and he freaked out. It's so hard because I know he likes it, and once he gets into it it's fine, but there's something really scary about it to him. I thought because Eleanor was there it would be better, but he wanted nothing to do with it. We ended up leaving sort of early because he didn't want to play with any of the toys or the other kids. Home and early lunch (cause *I* was ready for him to take a nap). Unfortunatetly the cat-nap he took the car on the way to the library lead to no nap. I sat and knitted in his doorway so he would at least stay in bed and rest, which he did, which I appreciated. I just feel bad at this today, like I can't get it right today. I think because I finally have to buckle down and get that grown-up stuff done -- I have to get in to see the endocrinologist, but first I did a referral from a Primary Care Physician, so I'm afraid it's going to take forever to get in to see the PCP so she'll refer me to the Endo. And the PCP I chose from the list and called apparently doesn't work at the hospital anymore, so tomorrow we have to start all over again. Blarg. I hate this shit.
More painting Christmas presents (he LOVES painting!!!) and a movie.
Daddy worked late, which I said was fine but probably should have just told him to come home.
Ro got whiny and clingy and I lost my patience and yelled. After a few minutes of screaming (on both sides) we sat in the rocking chair to wait for Daddy.
Then I served everyone raw macaroni and cheese. In my defense, it looks just like baked macaroni and cheese, Chris said it was "good to go" when he called (though he meant all I had to do was bake it, but I didn't hear that part), and really, what's the difference between baking it and take a raw piece and heating it in the microwave? Probably not a lot. Regardless, I had a meltdown and put myself in time out. Took a bath.
Dinner (eventually) and bedtime.
Alone time for Mommy, knitting and watching Buffy.

Wednesday - Finally a sunny day! I mean, it's 18 degrees out, but at least there's sun. Managed to figure out the bus enough to get to the library downtown. It's awesome. It has a giant fish and Fenway Park bleacher seats. No go on story time again, but he didn't force us to leave.
Home and lunch, nap (eventually).

... to be continued

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