Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 5

TGIF!!! Mostly cause it means I get "takeout" tonight and tomorrow I get some time off from being mom.

Up with a happy kiddo again! And he's been sleeping late (past 7!!!)
Breakfast and TV time (I don't hate Diego as much as I dispise Dora).
Dressed and pack daddy's work books in the car.
Dunkin Donuts for a Friday treat date (this may become our thing). Muffin and bagel!
Visit daddy's office. He announced to the whole office "We are looking for my daddy!"
Walk downtown to find post office and look around (haven't been here since collage)
Home, quick outside with Gipper
Nap (reverted back to sitting in his room near the door. Maybe I have to gradually move further out each day until he doesn't need to see me there anymore?
Walk to the grocery store for french fries, milk, and wine ... the essentials.
Friday afternoon is a blur, but I bet there was a walk and a movie involved.
Made cookie dough for our Christmas Cookie Party this weekend. While licking the beaters he announced "I love this part!"
Burger night with daddy!
Bed and a movie for Mom and Dad

Phew! Made it through week one!!! ... this shit is hard. 
Goals for next week ... get out more. Story time at the library, walk around downtown. We never did figure out the bus. Also I'm sure there are scary grown-up things that need to get done, like finding a doctor for me AND him. Oh, and loading up our old apartment and moving MORE stuff here ... and it was just starting to look organized.

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