Monday, May 9, 2011


So I'm still coming to terms with the fact that the universe gave me a son and not a daughter. Throughout my pregnancy, I couldn't help but notice one universal truth: baby girl clothes are WAY cuter than baby boy clothes. Just head to your local Target or Old Navy and you'll see. I mean, come on!? Tiny demin skirts with ruffles? Tiny Ruby slippers!? ANYTHING WITH CRINOLINE!!?!?!


All the boy clothes I saw were lame! Just your stereotypical boy stuff -- baseballs and dinosaurs and monster trucks. No class.

But I have to come to terms with the fact that I have a little boy, and that it is MY job to make him fabulous. And that means I just have to look a little harder. But first, I had to "define my brand".

I found this at Old Navy, and thought maybe by son could be "hipster":

Hipster Baby

Daddy said no.

Then I found these, and though maybe he could be preppy:

I said No.

Then last night, some friends came over and brought a gift. She said, "I saw this and thought it was just so dapper."

Yes. My son will be "Dapper".

Cause let's face it, there's nothing cuter than a little boy in a three-piece suit.

Unless of course he's in a tuxedo onesie. That might win.

Punk Rock Baby Gift Kit black white Tuxedo Bowtie onesie star hat box

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