Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, May 10

First Subway ride!


Mommy and baby braved the mean streets of Manhattan to visit friends at work! Unfortunately, the our 67th Ave subway stop is not "accessible" (the MTA website actually recommended I take the bus several miles and then get on the subway. Getting on a bus with a stroller is, I feel, way more inconvenient than carrying it down the stairs to the subway). But I figured I might get a handsome stranger to help me get down the stairs. Instead, I found a well-meaning man who offered to help after I had already taken the carseat out of the stroller in order to fold it up. Gratefully, I went to hand him the stroller part, and instead he picked up the carseat -- with the baby in it, mind you -- and took off down the stairs. The rational part of me knew, of course, that he was not kidnapping my baby, because where was he going to go when he got to the bottom of the stairs; but the irrational part of me saw a stranger carrying my baby away. So I tailed him pretty close, and it was all good.
I then learned how to use the service entrance to the subway, and the booth agent was very nice and didn't make fun of me when I seriously couldn't figure it out!
Then I successfully carried both baby/carseat and stroller down the next set of stairs and got onto the subway all by myself!
The stations near the office had elevators, so I wasn't worried about getting back up to the street . . . just FINDING the elevators. I ended up riding up with another woman with a stroller . . . with puppies in it. (Side note, I may have to have an adventure to a new store I heard about -- Raising Rover and Baby. Their website mentions "one of a kind matching puppy and baby clothes", which may be the best thing I've ever read.)

The trip to my office was great. Everyone loved him, of course. A little screamy, though most people didn't seem to care. The second half, the trip to Daddy's office, didn't go as well. It was about 4:30p, he was hungry when we got there, and was super cranky even after eating. We'll do Dad's office first, next time, so people can see a happy baby.

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