Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday May 7

Or, "How a nap can simultaneously save your life and screw you over."

New night-time complication: Baby "wakes up", whimper-whimper, squirmy-squirm, and back to sleep. Daddy can sleep right through this . . . Mommy cannot. So when he does that for an hour, or the whole time between feedings, Mommy doesn't sleep.

After a Friday night of whimper-squirming and a Saturday of either feeding him, rocking him, or doing chores, 4pm on Saturday found me ready to keel over. After a reluctant (on my part only) trip to the park, I took Baby and Puppy home for some much needed rest. Dad arrived home from the grocery store and joined us in bed, and we all slept for about 2 or 3 hours. I felt like a million bucks!

Unfortunately, Baby did not get the memo that the sleeping in bed at 4pm was NOT the beginning of nighttime sleeping. He slept right through dinner, and slept right through the movie we watched Saturday night -- a lovely impromptu date-night for Mom and Dad, however . . .

Fast-forward to midnight when, instead of eating and passing out like he has every other night, he pulls the normal 7:00pm routine of eating, getting pissed off about something, and screaming for an hour.

This kid needs to learn to read a clock . . . or we need to learn how to not screw up his "schedule".

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