Sunday, May 1, 2011

of gratitude and lamentation

Remember Oprah's "Gratitude Journal"? When you write down 5 things your grateful for each day?

I am grateful for . . .

1. Daddy's ability to hold a screaming baby and not get agitated.

2. When baby sleeps for 5 hours, which means Mommy gets to sleep for 4 hours.

3. Baby stretches.
Rowan Makes Faces

4. Thumb sucking.

5. Quiet, calm awake time, when Mommy is able to pee and eat breakfast.


But of course, there are some things I could live without. I'm not complaining . . . I'm just saying . . .

I could live without . . .

1. Baby crying for no reason.

2. Lack of REM cycles.

3. Sore boobies.

4. Being trapped in a rocking chair with my water/book/remote just out of reach.

5. Lack of adult conversation.

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