Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20

I've discovered that this is my new purse . . .


I've also discovered that a box of 84 diapers only lasts us approximately 8.4 days. And while Amazon Prime 2-day shipping is amazing, the 30% discount that negates the 2-day shipping is even better. So when we ran out today, we put in an order, and set mom and baby out to get more.

Thankfully, baby was having a good day, and despite the rain, behaved himself while out. We hit up the library for our "how to get your baby to sleep on his own" book (more on that later), Starbuck's (again, difficult to navigate with a stroller, but it only bothered the other patrons, not the baristas, who LOVE when I come by with baby), and the drug store for diapers.

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