Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, May 27 . . . Learning to use my hands

or how to pull out my own pacifier.

We headed out for our first family vacation today. We're going up to Massachusetts to see all the family and make the rounds among the friends who can't come down to visit us in NYC. This was our first long car trip with the baby.

He wasn't thrilled about it at first

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But after a while, he enjoyed the "in flight movie" out the window

The first issue arose the morning we were going to leave. Dad was working a half day and then going to pick up the rental car. I was going to finish packing up all the baby stuff during the naps . . . so of course he wouldn't nap. I was able to get everything gathered while carrying him around in the sling, and shove it in the suitcase whenever I was able to get him down for a few minutes. And I don't think we forgot anything! 1 point for mommy.

Dad arrived home around 3:30-ish and loaded up the car. We then had a decision to make. He had eaten at 2pm . . . should I feed him before we leave so we could possibly make it the whole way up to my mother's, or do we leave now and stop somewhere on the way for a feeding? We decided on the latter, because traffic was already getting crazy, and 4pm on the bridge would be better than 5pm. We made the right choice, as baby fell asleep after about 15 minutes in the car, and we got over the bridge with minimal issues (btw, who 1) closes a lane half way across a major bridge, and 2) keeps it closed on a holiday weekend?!). He slept until 6 when we pulled off at a Dunkin' Donuts for a snack for mom and a snack for baby. Good choice! Another point for mommy (though it was dad's idea to bite the bullet and leave without feeding him)!

After dinner we headed out again. Baby was certainly interested in things out the window, but soon got fussy. Thank god he's starting to get used to the pacifier, because it SAVED US for the rest of the trip. He played this great game of sucking, sucking, almost dropping it, and then catching it on his arm or on the buckle of his carseat and shoving it back in (pure luck, I'm sure, but it was fun to watch). After a bit though, he discovered the issue with being 7 weeks old and having opposable thumbs . . . they can help one grasp things, but not left go.

Holding the pacifier in . . .

Grasping it with his thumb . . .

Accidentally pulling it out and getting pissed.

Side note, we've decided we're going to call the pacifier a "suck it", simply because it will be hilarious when he starts talking and just yells "SUCK IT!!!!" when he drops it. Also, I amuse myself by singing the Suck It song from The Office.

We may also need to find a pacifier that says "The Yankees can Suck It" (and since we're in Queens, Mets country, he probably won't get beat up for being a Red Sox fan).

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